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Become a Member and Obtain Service


Holston Electric Cooperative is a member-owned utility system that provides electric service to its members. Anyone desiring service is required to become a member of the cooperative. To apply for service, please complete the following application.  

Application for New Service




Initial Fees

A fixed membership fee is required of every member.  This fee is returned to the customer when all service accounts are closed.  Holston Electric Cooperative requires prospective members who wish to receive service to submit a membership application with the following information:

1.   Name, spouse information, mailing and service address, telephone numbers

2.   Social Security or relevant tax number(s) of member, spouse

3.   Contact Information, employment, government issued identification

4.   Statement of whether rental or owned, including a purchase agreement, copy of lease, or rent receipt

The applicant should be prepared to present a government issued photo identification and secondary identification at time of application.




The residential deposit amount is based on your credit history and is supplied by Online Utility Exchange.

All Others-

An amount up to twice the average monthly or estimated bill.  Any amount exceeding $500.00 may be satisfied by the member furnishing to Holston Electric an acceptable surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit on such terms and forms and forms as determined by management.

Connection Fee -

The initial connection fee is $25.00 for residential members.


Following these steps will help you through the requirements for locating/constructing a new electric service:


  1. Obtain your address from the county 911 information center.
  2. Contact Holston Electric Cooperative’s (HEC) engineering department and request a staking layout. Your staking request should be completed in the name of the person who will be paying the electric bill. You should refer to this same account name whenever inquiring about this job.
  3. After the staking layout is finished, fee information will be available after two business days following the appointment.
    • Connection Fees
    • Aid to Construction
    • Others, including permit fees

    The engineer will compose a work order in the same name as the staking application.

  4. You will need to purchase a sewer permit from the health department or the local city department where sewer service is available. The sewer permit and your 911 address are required by the state wiring inspector.
  5. When steps 1, 2 and 3 are completed and your site is ready for electric service connection, visit the HEC office in Rogersville, Church Hill or Russellville to complete an application for service and pay the required deposits and fees. You may also print out the application for residential membership and service or the application for general power and return the completed application and a copy of your drivers license by fax or mail. The state wiring permits can also be purchased from any HEC office at this time.
  6. Make an appointment with the state wiring inspector. To schedule your inspection, you may call or come by the cooperative office and speak to the state inspector during the following times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. at the HEC office in Rogersville, (423) 272-8821.
  7. The state inspector will notify HEC when the wiring is approved and ready for connection.
  8. After the inspection, you may call the HEC construction department to get a tentative date for service connection. Please refer to the original account name when obtaining information.
  9. Service connections are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, and are built as soon as a crew becomes available (usually within 4 or 5 days.) If the new service is a single- or double-wide manufactured home, you are now ready for electric service. Steps 9 and 10 do not apply for your service request.
  10. If the new service is a site built home and you now have a temporary service, contact HEC engineering department to determine the meter location before wiring the house. The engineer will prepare a work order for the permanent service.
  11. After the meter location is marked, permanent wiring can begin in the house. You must purchase a rough-in permit, a final permit, heating permit and schedule inspections with the state wiring inspector as you become ready.
  12. The state inspector will notify the HEC construction department when all inspections are complete. At this time the permanent service work order will be scheduled with the construction department.


To help us serve you better, please remember to refer to the same account name throughout this process. 

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